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Saturday, 27 May 2017 09:25 Written by
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Recycling with Ring Pulls

Recycling with Ring Pulls


Other than the purpose it was designed for – of what value is the humble Ring Pull?


They can be used to make artificial limbs for people, elephants and eagles.

It takes 2,500 ring pulls to produce approximately one kilogram of aluminium and this allows seven sets of joints to be fabricated.


We have been collecting these this year for our recycling project.

When we had a huge bag full donated, we took the opportunity to do some fun maths.

We had to guess how many ring pulls there were, our closest estimate was 1772.

Then we started counting, organizing our ring pulls into bundles of tens, counting our bundles into one hundreds, then putting them into a pile of one thousand.

How many thousands did we end up with?

Four thousands, five hundreds, five tens and seven ones, altogether 4 557.

We had 4 557 ring pulls donated that one day.

Nearly enough for 14 sets of joints to be fabricated.

We had fun counting and checking our estimates.

We really hope you can save your ring pulls for us, then we can donate more to a fantastic cause.

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