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Aboriginal Cultural Group

Kaya (hello) my name is Nadine Dymock and I am the AIEO (Aboriginal Islander Education Officer) here at West Busselton Primary School.

I work with the class teachers to help our Aboriginal students achieve their best in all subjects. This is done by working with students one on one or in class groups.

The Aboriginal students from Years 4 -6 make up our cultural group. The name for this group is Dardee Koolangka which means “Awesome Children”. It was chosen by previous students.

Dardee Koolangka meets every Monday after lunch. During this time we look more into Noongar culture. We do this through dance, music, art, Noongar language and have visits from members of our community.

West Busselton PS

West Busselton is in an idyllic location where the coastal environment is used to enhance teaching and learning and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

School Times

School commences 8.55am
Recess 11.05 – 11.25
Lunch 12.55 – 1.35
End of school 3.05
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FRIDAY 8.30am – 9.30am.