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Information Communication Technologies play a major role in the teaching and learning programs at West Busselton Primary School. Students and teachers have access to some of the latest technologies and use these in the classroom and computer lab to enhance student learning outcomes in an engaging manner.

Our school is committed to providing students and staff with the latest technologies and training needed to engage in an increasingly technological world.

Currently each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard and laptop, as well as at least 2 computers or iPads for student use. Additionally teaching staff have been provided with an iPad and the school is sharing 90 iPads on a rotational basis. The school also has a computer lab facility consisting of an interactive whiteboard and 30 desktop computers.

Students are taught how to use the different technologies effectively and safely. A major emphasis is put on keeping personal information safe, avoiding risky situations and applying netiquette when working in an online environment.

Each child will need to comply with the schools ICT common use agreement to access technologies in the school.

Parents who wish to learn more about e-safety can access the following link.https://www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/parent-resources

West Busselton PS

West Busselton is in an idyllic location where the coastal environment is used to enhance teaching and learning and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

School Times

School commences 8.55am
Recess 11.05 – 11.25
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End of school 3.05
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