OUR SCHOOL - Literacy

Literacy instruction at West Busselton is a priority area in our Business and Operational Planning.

All literacy instruction is underpinned by First Steps developmental understandings and approaches. Teachers employ the Gradual Release model of I do, We do, You do to ensure students have new learning modelled to them before they move to independent learning and practice. Lesson design is styled on the Madeline Hunter framework to ensure all lesson components are systematically woven into each lesson.

Reading instruction focuses on "The Big Six" components - Oral Language, Phonlogical Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension. Teachers engage a wide variety of strategies with Guided Reading being a school focus and a clear goal of teaching all 18 comprehension strategies.

Spelling is a 2018 focus area and a schoolwide commitment to improving Spelling is achieved through the Spelling Mastery program which is highly credentialled and supported by research as being effective.

Writing is also a 2018 focus area and the school will be committing to Talk 4 Writing, a research-backed whole school program. Amonst other strategies used to improve student writing, we currently engage weekly with "Timed Writing"which develops student capacity for continuous writing over a 30 minute window.

Oral Language is developed in class programs as well as through Drama and is critical in assisting children to articulate their thinking and develop a broader, more functional vocabulary.