P & C - About our P & C

The functions of a P & C are to:

  • Give parents an opportunity to learn about the school's policies and programs
  • Bring parents together to share information and views.
  • Assist the school to build positive attitudes to students and their families.
  • Stimulate communitiy interest and participation in education.
  • Encourage parents to participate in developing school policies.
  • Raise funds and provide additional resources and amenities for the benefit of chilren attending government schools.

At West Busselton Primary School our P & C Association hold a variety of events throughout the year.  Some of these events raise funds to purchase new equipment for the school such as iPads, playground equipment, library books and much more.  Other events run by the P & C are a service to our students and parents.  These include: Mother's Day and Father's Day Stall.   

Our P & C also runs the Scholastic Book Club.  

Our P & C President, can be contacted via email at - westbussopc@gmail.com